15 October 2017    The meaning of education from my point of view   Dwi Wu


The meaning of education from my point of view

Would you be able to have a normal and prosperous life without having an education? I think most people would not be able to have one without education.  Education plays a critical and most important role in our lives. We must dedicate most of our time to education in order to have a stable and better future. However, what about the people who live the life in poverty? Is education really the way for the poor to escape poverty? I am sure/confident the answer would be 100% yes. Poverty will always remind in living societies. However, education is indeed the best and most reflective way for the poor to escape and not only poverty but also to kill illiteracy, ignorance, an awareness of individual rights , responsibilities and to overcome all forms of social discrimination, including  in my country, Indonesia. The people in some parts of Indonesia are still living in poverty, however, the Indonesian department of national education has introduced a nine- year compulsory education programme. Under this programme, every Indonesian citizen is required to attend school for at least nine years, starting from elementary for six years and then continuing to junior high school for three years. In June 2015, the Minister of coordination for human development and culture made a plan to enforce twelve-year compulsory education programme, but this time it also includes senior high school for three years. Of course for those who are well-off could have higher education too. They could continue to study to college or university after they finish of compulsory learning.  Now in the modern era and especially in developed countries, people who already got married and had children, usually start to send their children to school from an early age. The reason is either the parents are busy with work or they want their children to develop important skills, because school is not just a place for children to study and scored well in their exams. By interacting with other children at an early age, kids learn how to take turn, how to listen and how to share.  Playing with other kids also helps children to learn about their own personalities and their own likes and dislikes. The independence that kids gain in school is also a lesson that is hard to learn at home. Throughout the whole learning process, children learn how to negotiate, compromise and interact with their peers. This is not something that the parent could find in a text book. Education has a different meaning to everyone all over the world. Whether it is big importance or very little importance, education is a crucial part of life in all societies. And the role that teacher must play is extremely important to a good education. Teachers should make sure that their class room is an inviting and comfortable environment to learning. Student would like sit in a bright and cheerful class room rather than a dull and dissatisfying one. I believe that everyone should be eligible to a quality education. There is no reason a child should be denied a quality education because of their social class, race, upbringing or disability. Because an education gives a person the background they need to go whenever they want to go in life.